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Regulatory Monitoring

Regulations are changing at a rapid pace. Even a minor change to a regulation can result in your policies, procedures, processes, or training being outdated. Now, more than ever, perhaps, it is imperative to monitor closely regulatory developments and changes.

In addition to our Regulatory Change Management GRC Tool, we offer a market-specific regulatory monitoring solution for Global Wealth Managers and Independent RIAs, known as the Regulatory Matrix.

The Regulatory Matrix is an online resource designed to support compliance, supervisory, and operational personnel with ready access to relevant news and information specific to Broker-Dealers and Registered Investment Advisers. The Regulatory Matrix is not an RSS feed. Our experts monitor regulatory sites daily extracting pertinent updates and annotating them with plain-English summaries. Where appropriate, Impact Statements are added to provide insight into how regulatory trends and priorities related to these new items may affect your organization.

The Regulatory Matrix provides users with access to a database of regulatory initiatives, changes, and enforcement actions that can be filtered to focus on news and information directly relevant to specific business groups, supervisory functions, and/or compliance issues. When viewing an update, users can see related information, including Regulations, Impact Statements, and, when combined with our other GRC Tools, your related controls, policies, procedures, and training courses.  

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Intended Audiences

SEC- and state-registered RIAs
Dually registered BD/RIA firms
Independent RIAs
RIA networks and custodians

Regulators Covered

State securities administrators

Supporting Supervisory and Compliance Personnel …

More than just a monitoring tool, the Regulatory Matrix provides users with access to a database of current and historical information regarding regulatory enforcement activity, rule changes, and guidance that supports supervisory and compliance personnel in the performance of their daily activities and facilitates risk assessment and regulatory change management processes.

Enhanced and up-to-date awareness of regulatory expectations, rule changes, and areas of heightened regulatory focus that facilitates effective supervision

Proactive identification, assessment, and escalation of emerging risks and regulatory trends;

Awareness of regulatory concerns and expectations regarding the recommendation and sale of complex products

Assessment and prioritization of the need for targeted and enterprise-wide training

Identification of potential conflicts of interest associated with certain business activities, products, and relationships that may require review or update to related procedures and disclosure documents

Initiation and management of related workflows, including those related to risk assessment and management, policy review and management, and training needs assessment and delivery

… Across Lines of Business and Supervisory Functions

The Regulatory Matrix provides supervisory and compliance personnel across different lines of business and supervisory functions with access to information directly relevant to their daily activities and specific supervisory responsibilities.

Retail Supervision - Line supervisors, branch management, and other personnel responsible for the direct supervision of representatives

Product – Personnel responsible for oversight of the recommendation and/or sale of specific investment products

Enterprise Risk – Personnel responsible for the management of risk across the organization and affiliated entities

FinOps – Financial and operations professionals responsible for ensuring compliance with books and records, financial reporting, net capital, and customer protection requirements

Trade Review and Reporting – Personnel responsible for oversight of trading personnel and activities, including compliance with trade reporting, quotation, monitoring, and recordkeeping requirements.

AML - Personnel responsible for the design, implementation, and management of the firm’s Anti-Money Laundering Compliance Program

Privacy & Cybersecurity – Personnel responsible for ensuring compliance with federal and state customer protection and privacy requirements and/or the design and management of firm Cybersecurity and Identity Theft Prevention Program

Current.  Clear.  Connected.

Key Features


Clearly written, plain-English summaries of regulatory initiatives, changes, and enforcement actions updated daily.


Easy-to-use interface with easy access to headlines, regulatory actions and regulations.


Integrate your policies and procedures with the Reg Matrix to quickly see which policies/procedures may be impacted by a rule change and track those changes in the Regulatory Change Management GRC Tool.

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