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Regulatory Change Management

It is generally understood that all businesses need to operate in a manner consistent with governing regulations. In our current highly scrutinized regulatory—and social media—environment, this is imperative. But with rapidly changing regulations, how do you keep up? 

Our Regulatory Change Management GRC Tool can help. 

The tool centralizes your regulatory change management efforts in one location, allowing you to identify regulatory change issues, assess the impact of those changes, create and approve action plans, and monitor completion. Highly configurable workflows automate the entire process; so you know the current status of each issue.

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Identify. Assess. Plan. Perform.

Key Features


Log identified issues for assessment and follow up.


Assess the impact of the regulatory change on business operations, controls, policies, procedures, processes, etc.


Document and approve Action Plans.


Assign tasks and monitor the completion of all action plan items.

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