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Audit/Branch Exams

Scheduling, conducting, following up, and closing out required examinations can be complex and time-consuming. Our Audit tool offers a streamlined and automated online process for conducting Audits.

The Audit/Branch Exam GRC Tool enables your staff to automate and better track the details and progress of the audit process. Using the tool, your staff can create audit forms, schedule audits, and resolve deficiencies more efficiently. More importantly, it frees your staff to focus on what matters most – promoting a culture of compliance and mitigating risk. 

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Key Features

Custom User Views

- Separate dashboards for Managers, Auditors, and Administrators
- Ability to modify information through system permissions


- Assign an Auditor to multiple Audits
- Filter or sort offices by state, region, or custom attributes assigned to offices
- Produce a schedule of upcoming Audits based on user-specified date ranges and/or other filters

Exam Forms

- Create multiple number of forms
- Pre-examination questionnaires or profiles, examiner checklists, standard exam forms, and supplements
- Ask follow-up questions based on user responses
- Add instructions or considerations to questions for Auditors
- Link to relevant sections of manuals or policies

Exit Letters

- Create templates for each type of Audit conducted
  - Populate letters automatically with
  - Number of deficiencies in each section
  - Data regarding the location
  - Personnel who participated in the Audit
  - Instructions to Auditor for completing the letter
- Acknowledge with an online signature or download as PDF

Deficiency Resolution

- Follow Audit deficiencies to resolution with built-in workflows
- Create and approve action plans
- Upload working documents or files to substantiate action plans


-  Access the following standard reports:
  o Completion Status Report
  o Deficiency Summary Report
  o Questions Details Report
  o Follow-Up Summary Report
- Filter standard reports by date range, any number of organization-defined custom fields for offices, or the exam status or other exam-related information
 - Access reporting data through the interface or via API

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